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Small Dumpsters for Rent

Great Rate Dumpster & Disposal offers dumpster rentals in Southern Indiana. Our small dumpsters start at 2 cubic yards and top out at a whopping 40 cubic yards. Choose a small front load dumpster below to get the dimensions and capacity and find the right size dumpster for waste needs.

When you are looking to remove a small amount of trash from your home on the weekend or from your small business each week, the 2 yard container is a great choice. This small dumpster holds the equivalent of roughly a full size pickup truck bed. Small businesses in Southern Indiana that only dispose of trash bags, paper and cardboard materials each week can cut trash costs by having a 2 yard dumpster permanently set in your parking lot.

The 4 yard front load dumpster is a great choice for your waste management service in Southern Indiana when you need something in the medium size range. Picture the dumpster as two truck beds stacked on top of each other. At roughly 6′ by 4′, this dumpster is easily loaded by an individual in a driveway or a permanent set in your business parking lot. Rent this small dumpster when a the 2 yard container just won’t do.

Probably one of the most common dumpsters rented in Southern Indiana for commercial use. You see these everyday at your apartment complex and at your job in the industrial park. These bins can handle heavier trash loads and larger quantities of debris than their smaller counterparts, the 2 and 4 yard dumpster. These are stationary bins that can only be moved and emptied by one of our trucks, while our 2 and 4 yard can be wheeled around in a residential clean out.

Our largest front load dumpster is rather tall but has a slanted top to make it easy for an individual to load. If you are looking for a stationary dumpster set with weekly trash service at your business that produces an enourmous amount of trash, this guy is for you. These are also great for rental house clean outs or just for a Spring clean out of your own home.

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Don’t overspend with an out-of-town dumpster broker

Dumpster rentals in Southern Indiana don’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, they can be very affordable when you choose a local company and not a dumpster broker. Out of town container brokers just markup the price of the rental and then hire it to a dumpster company near you. Save money and hire a Floyds Knobs dumpster company.

How much to rent a Dumpster?

Large roll-off dumpsters are not always the answer. Whether you are looking to clean out your house or rent dumpster for your business, most dumpster companies will try to push a large dumpster that they will make the most profit off of. Try to estimate the size amount of items you have to throw away. Then call Great Rate Dumpster & Disposal in Floyds Knobs.

Rent a Small Dumpster

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Look no further. Great Rate Dumpster & Disposal is Here

small dumpster for rent

In the dumpster business price means everything. Customers typically base their rental not on service but solely on price. We have based our business model off of offering the most cubic yards of waste for the price. Great Rate also has the residential customer in mind. Our small containers are delivered with a regular pickup truck. No more worrying about damage to your driveway or the dumpster taking up your entire driveway. Get the best bang for your buck by renting from Great Rate Dumpster & Disposal.

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